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Not A Site About A Jester With Binoculars...

Welcome to Joker Vision.

Before you continue on this site, please allow me to make a few things clear:

1. Joker Vision is not a company or small buisness, it is simply a title and logo that I like, and use to represent myself in my videos. I make no money from them, and post them on

2. I am a tiny, tiny, little person. I have no connection to any companies or buisnesses you might associate with my videos. Please don't ask me for links to Disney, Touchstone, or 20th Century Fox etc.

3. Please don't sue me; I'm still very new to this, and I'm still trying to work out the legalities. I've emailed Michael Giacchino about using his soundtrack in my Alias videos, and, for whatever it may be worth, I generally only work on tv shows that are no longer in production.

4. Whether you think I'm being creative, using new forms of media to express myself, or lazy, seeing as I neevr actually appear on any of my videos, I'm open to all forms of criticism, and as long as I find it structured, I'll be sure to try and work off of it to make my videos better.

I hope you enjoy what you find here.

Site Updates:

July 13th - Site is up and running with links to six videos available. Phew, you could just explode with excitement couldn't ya?

July 16th - I've replaced the link to the first episode of Alias: The Lost Episodes, as my director account on Youtube (yay) has allowed me to upload it as a full episode rather than three pidly parts. I've also increased subtitle font-size and made it easier to read, colour-wise, and added in a scene or two. Buffy will be done soon.

July 19th - I'm sorry I'm sorry! It's been busy this summer (ya it's true don't roll your eyes at me, the guy sad enough to MAKE more episodes of a show now-passed!) but how does this sound? TWO BRAND NEW SPANKING EPISODES coming real soon! I'm headed to France on friday so I'm gonna TRY and get the next one up by then... I'll keep ya posted. Aw heck. No one reads these anyway: BANANA!! I feel better, how about you?

September 3rd - ACH FINALLY A FREAKIN' UPDATE!! Ok so I made the next episode of Alias: The Lost Season, AND I finished my new Buffy fanvid, although it's been recieved to a slightly luke-warm responce, but that's ultimately not why I make these thingys. I AM working on the next Alias episode, just slowly, as I've got a lot of other things to do, for once, with school starting up again on Wednesday, a book/novel I am trying desperately to write before I turn 100, and also lots of other thingamajigs. Expect the next episode in the next month or so. That's all for now folks! Oh and the guest-book doesn't work as far as I can tell so let's just forget about it, eh?

P.s I got my GCSE results - 5 As and 5 A*s - yippeeeeee! :)

September 28th - I'm working on a major reinvention of Joker Vision - in that I'm kinda gonna go for another account. I have the intention of releasing an array of new videos in the next few months, spreading across the two accounts as is appropriate. It should be fun!! Oh and also, Brookers herself commented on my 'Brookers Tribute'!

(above) My pretty logo... (below) My much less pretty face...

About Me:

My name is Thomas Paul Martin and I have a big nose (see right).

I was born on May 23rd, 1990, and grew up watching many engrossing TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, Scrubs, Alias, Firefly, Angel and a few other cult shows.

After the death of Buffy, I thought I'd go online to see what people were doing about it. They were writing fanfiction. It was pretty good too, although I never thought it could rival actually watching the show. In 2005 I heard about a game called "The Movies" which would allow you to make and watch your own movies. Having been an avid "Microdoft Movie Maker" player of the 90s, I was hoping for big stuff. Now, in 2006, I'm coping with the death of Alias, 2002-2006, by making more episodes, using "The Movies" incredibly effective software system. They may not be good, or they may, but for me, the final product is always just a little better than any fanfiction I may write. In my opinion, this is the fanfiction of the future. Which makes it in no way any less geeky.

I'm also into fan videos, and am probably best known right now on Youtube for my video, "Alias: The Five Year Tribute", which is currently at the top of the list should you ever type in "Alias" into the Youtube search bar, in order of relevency, and is recieving comments daily.

Right now I'm out of school cus I FLUNKED IT. Just kidding, I've finished my GCSEs and am hoping for some nice As and Bs (and hopefully an A* or two in English and French) come August. Wish me luck. Seriously. Wish it.

My email adress (which I check daily) is:

Furture Plans:

For the next five months I plan to release a 10 episode season of Alias, rendered completely in 3D graphics using "The Movies" for all primary footage, and edited in Windows Movie Maker to give it a much-needed polishing.

Who know what I might get up to in the mean-time? I mean, just recently I made an arse-kissing Brookers tribute, so who knows who I might go after next. It could be you. Watch out.

Also coming out before I got to France for two weeks I hope, should be "Buffy: The Seven Year Tribue", and oooh I have high hopes for this video. I've been working on it since May, and I'm hoping that it's going to do as well on Youtube as my Alias video is doing, if not better. I've gone for a new look as opposed to my speed-up/slow-down approach to my Alias tribue, which, wilst a little difficult to describe, gives it a very smooth-yet-sharp visual message as far as I can see. Whilst I can hardly cover all of the themes of the show, my video will cover as many of them as possible: growing up, dissapearing in darkness, life and death, the pressures of living two or more lives at once, and, of course, power.

The next Alias episode will hopefully be up on July 19th, if that's a wednesday : - For any who are interested (um...let's not go there...) I'll just tell you that Anna Espinosa and Sydney Bristow will be working together, something I had always hoped for on the show (ACTUALLY together, not just fetching each other silly little thingies like in season 4), and hope that will wet your appetite for the next installment!

I love you if you read this, just because you read it!!!

Peace out...

I don't have any money to copyright any of this so you're free to nick it all really, but for dignity's sake (and considering it's worth NOTHING anyway) I'd ask that you email me before you do....